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4 Lies About Home Reno Reality Shows

By Mike Holmes

We have all been fantasizing about what home improvement projects we want to take on this year. I redid my entire deck in the summer of 2020. Wasn’t planning on doing it, but I was home during the pandemic lockdown and decided to make some major changes.

I am always a little concerned when people tell me about their home remodeling projects and how they are doing it themselves. It’s fine to use HGTV and YouTube as inspiration, but should you really be creating an open concept living room without knowing if the wall you are knocking down is load bearing?

As a TV guy, I am here to tell you NOT to rely on home improvement shows to plan your reno.

Here are some things you don’t get to see on TV:

Materials Magically Appearing On Our Site

A LOT of time goes into product research when we get products for our sites. I have a list of trusted brands I work with, but I also like to check out new products and technologies. What you don’t see on TV is the hours of research, meetings and testing my crew and I do before we use ANY materials on our site.

Projects Take Longer To Demo

You see my crew and I swing a couple of hammers dramatically, and the next scene is us installing beautiful countertops. Don’t kid yourself. Demolition takes HOURS. Then we take care of recycling or donating any materials that we can.

Projects Cost More Than You Think

Having built a successful career in construction, I am blessed to have the support of many trusted brands and companies. This means that we usually get some sort of a discount when we purchase products for our sites. When taking on a project, budget for “surprises”. You may discover you have asbestos, or that you need to fix a leaky roof. Your priority should always be fixing from the OUTSIDE IN.

Projects Take Longer To Complete

We don’t get to show our audience the full timelines of our projects. We don’t film all of the construction either. Construction TV may make it seem like you can do an entire kitchen in a day. That’s far from the truth. Besides material selection, there are a lot more hours that go into a renovation.

We also make sure we do a thorough home inspection, as well as an air quality test on every single site we work on. We test our sites for radon gas, but we often don’t talk about that on camera. It’s just part of our process to ensure a healthy home for our clients.

If you are planning on a home renovation this year, please slow down and do your research. Don’t rely on home improvement shows for anything other than inspiration. Make It Right!

About Mike Holmes & Holmes Approved Homes:

Mike Holmes is a professional contractor, TV host, author, keynote speaker and TV producer. As one of North America’s most trusted contractors his no-nonsense approach has struck a cord with TV audiences and industry leaders world wide. Mike Holmes has built an international brand based on quality, integrity and trust.

Mike Holmes started the Holmes Approved Homes program to give homebuyers a home built right the first time. Western Living Homes is a Holmes Approved Homes builder.

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