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HOLMES APPROVED HOMES & Western Living Homes

A Message from MIKE HOLMES, Trusted Contractor & TV personality

I started the Holmes Approved Homes program to give homebuyers a home built right THE FIRST TIME. I never wanted to be on TV, I’m a contractor. But I got sick of hearing horror stories about shoddy construction and thought if I can use TV to educate people on what to look for in a home, how to maintain it, and how to pick your contractor, I would be able to help more people.

I started the Holmes Approved Homes program because I wanted to partner up with builders who are also Making It Rightl I am proud that Western Living Homes MAKES IT RIGHT for homeowners. They are committed to building high quality, modern and affordable homes and I am proud to have them in my Holmes Approved Homes program.

They know that a home is only as good as the construction that stands behind it, and that real value comes from building it right the first time.

Their experience makes their homes better, stronger, more energy efficient and built to last. They’ve committed themselves to the highest building practices to give you a home that is strong and protected. The Western Living Homes team is all about peace of mind, and building right.

My Mike Holmes Inspectors inspect each home during various stages of construction, so that any issues noted are addressed right away. Nothing gets covered by behind the walls.

Do you really get what you give? I believe it. And together, Western Living Homes and the Holmes Approved Homes program are building quality homes for your family that are built to last.

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